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    Pleasant conference with secretary-generals of the internati
    點擊次數:2201次    發布時間:2015-09-11

    A few days ago Mr.Torstein Indrebo and Mr.Ral Rasmussen who is respectively the secretary-general and vice secretary-general of International Gas Union come to China to inspect the 19th  “International Conference on LNG Industry ”.While they were waiting for airplane ,we received them .They listened to our introduction on development of natural gas and LNG in China and praised Chinese fellow members .In addition ,they listened to the presentation of enterprise on LNG and relevant condition of our institute ,and undertook to dispatch staffs to attend The International LNG Industry Technology Development Forum we       will convene. Both of them suggest attending more international conferences held by IGU and they would like to arrange communications with some member states on gas technology and relevant safety standard.

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